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Post by Vincent Springfield on Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:33 pm

A high wall borders the West Park, with a few large entryway gates leading into the larger park.

(From here, drunkenly Razz)

Vincent shuffled along in the foggy silence, lit by the dim orange glow of the cigarette between his lips. His dark eyes tried to make out shapes in the twisting, Arklay fog... it was a real issue around these parts. Lot of hikers went missing every year thanks to it... its gets foggier than London at times in Raccoon City. He blinks his eyes, but still couldn't make out much more than a few feet ahead of him. He could hear other movement, other people, pedestrians, walking among the fog though; the first break of silence since he left the pub unannounced. "Ugh... hungry..." he grumbled, his stomach groaning as well. An all liquid diet really wasn't healthy...

He suddenly could make out the shape of his black vehicle and made for it as fast as a one could shamble. Fumbling with his keys in his pocket he tries them on the door's lock a few times, before finding the right set. "Ah there ya are..." he mumbled, before opening the door and taking a reclined seat within. He locks the door, rolls down the windows slightly for air, and leans back... "I'll just rest this hangover off..." he says, his right hand pulling open the glove box, pulling out a few tablets of Excedrin from a foil sheet, and pops them into his mouth, chewing them before swallowing. He closed his eyes and tried to rest... though the flashes of memory he had with his younger brother continued to plague him. The countless files... the cases that didn't add up, the lack of resources and information... the Mansion Incident with the S.T.A.R.S....

He grimaced, feeling like he was gonna dry heave, but thankfully the sick feeling sank back down to his stomach. He half opened his eyes, looking up at the ceiling of the vehicle. "Damn it all..." he mumbles, closing his eyes again.

Rita Janson wrote:"Detective Janson to any available units, we have a B&E at the Raccoon City Zoo. Clearly by a large animal, requesting backup and animal control, over."

His eyes slowly open again, half irritated. No rest for the wicked, huh? He moans within, readjusting his seat, sitting up again, fighting off an urge to heave again, but its gone after he grabs the handset from the sedan's dashboard. Rita was a drop dead gorgeous police officer who had all the right curves in alll the right places. Granted, she'd kick his ass in three different places if she could hear his inner thoughts at times. She repeated her sentence again, by the time he could actually hold back his urge to puke his brains out. "Are we talking Crocodile Dundee, or Robert Muldoon in animal control scale?" he paused, shaking his head side to side. "Rita, you have any idea what time it is? You ruined a good nap. Over." he smirked. When there was no response, he raised a brow. "Huh... normally she'd bites..." He says to himself, bringing up the handset again. "Detective Janson to Detective Springfield? Wait its the other way around... whatever, Helllo?" he asked again. He felt a little nervous now. It wasn't professional to joke around like this on the job, but now he was wondering if she was in serious trouble. "Rita. Please respond, Over." he added, listening closely.
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