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F-102 Salamander Series Empty F-102 Salamander Series

Post by F-102 on Wed Apr 24, 2019 1:19 am

Name: Cauoata Ancipitia
Nicknames: F-102, Giant Salamander, Mutated Salamander

Physical Description-
Height: Roughly 5'ft
Length: About 22'ft
Weight: Immeasurable
Eyes: Gold with luminous filament and protective layer
Body/Physical Appearance: Appears to be a giant salamander, with bright orange feathered like gills, speckled blue. It has four webbed toes and a long webbed tail in the back. It has a large mouth capable of crushing and swallowing humans whole.

F-102 Salamander Series File


Health Background:
-Poisonous: Secretes a poisonous ooze from its body, and can also spit globs of poison from a distance.


Weapons: Its size and speed in water and mud

Items/Equipment: Whatever is stored in its belly left over from previous victims, but otherwise nothing.

A monster created by Umbrella by splicing the genes of the Japanese Salamander with the fossilized DNA of an ancient species of Salamander, and using the T-Virus to transform the resulting mutant into the F-102, a Giant Salamander. The creature was being studied in Raccoon City prior to the outbreak, but in the resulting chaos many specimens were released into the wilds. Though they appear slow, lumbering and lethargic, they are crafty creatures capable of a high degree of stealth and patiently wait for its prey to come to it. The beasts however, are still bulky with sturdy bones that allow them to topple small structures depending on their composition. They can also secrete a poisonous substance that is similar to a Cane Toad, and also launch sticky gobs of mucus that are also poisonous to the touch from their mouths nearly 7 meters away. They are capable swimmers and have the upper hand in thick mud. They can easily devour several humans thanks to their large mouths and stomachs, and swallow their prey whole.



Severe Bite: Its jaws are powerful enough to crush bones and suffocate prey.

Poison Spit: Can launch gobs of poisonous mucus from its guts.

Poison Secretion: It can secrete poison as a form of self defense

Powerful Tail: Can swipe its tail with the force to level structures.

Gulp Down: It can swallow a human easily with its wide mouth and girth.


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