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Name: Cho Lin Leung
Nicknames: ‘Lana’

SALAMANDER Cho_by_saekobusujima1990_dcrjea1-pre

Physical Description-
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Height: 5’6
Weight: 150 LBS
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dyed Red
Body/Physical Appearance: Of average height, she is a curvy, somewhat plus sized woman. She has medium length dyed red hair in a layered, fringy bob cut. She has Asian features, with narrow, reddish brown eyes and has a tanned complexion. Only somewhat toned from her mandatory training. She wears a pair of black rimmed glasses.

SALAMANDER’s V-SAC Casual Wear: A rather inconspicuous outfit consisting of a black graphic tee with a Raccoon on it and the V-SAC Emblem on her right sleeve, a matching black leather glove covering her right hand with a red bow on the raccoon’s head, black nylon stockings, a woodland camouflage jean mini-skirt, black heeled traction shoes. She also wears tight, white panties, glasses and has a khaki military bag around her waist.

SALAMANDER Cho_fun_pose_by_saekobusujima1990_dcrje4q-pre
SALAMANDER Cho_fun_pose2_by_saekobusujima1990_dcrje6t-pre

Dueling Thread: SALAMANDER’s Eyepatch Bikini: An erotic, skimpy red eyepatch bikini with a matching red thong.
SALAMANDER Background_by_saekobusujima1990_dcq4c2y-fullview
SALAMANDER Cho_sexy_by_saekobusujima1990_dcqil62-pre
SALAMANDER Bikini_sisters_by_saekobusujima1990_dcr4s9s-fullview

Hometown: Unknown
Nationality: Chinese
Alliance: Unknown Military Organization (V-SAC)

Employment: Operator for an Unknown Organization (V-Sac)
Rank: Tech Support and Chemist for Unicorn Recon Unit

Sensei/Instructor: No Data
Instructed: No Data

Relationship Status: Unknown
Medications: None
Allergies: None
Health Background:


Valued possessions: EMF Modulator: A pistol shaped device that detects power sources and allows to activate said devices remotely, as well as activate/deactivate power switches, and or overload electronics/mechanical devices connected to the power source.

Possessions: 2x Flashbang Grenades, 3x Road Flares, 1x Smoke Grenade, ammunition, purified water and MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat).

Weapons: A Beretta M93R-Burst Fire with custom parts (with folding stock and 25 round extended mag), a Custom PM-84P Glauberyt Submachine Gun (with an under barrel maglight/foregrip attachment, and a collapsible folding wire stock and a 32 round magazine), a CZ-75 Sport handgun as a backup, and a Combat Knife.

Items/Equipment: PM-84P Suppressor, Binoculars, Radio and Radio headset rig, backup radio, military backpack, climbing and rappelling rope, grappling hook, map of the area, tactical flashlight, hacking tool, tracking tool.

A young member of a special forces team under the command of an unknown organization that infiltrated Raccoon City a few days prior to the Outbreak. Only being with the group since 1997, she’s still considered a rookie. She’s a part of the organization’s third unit, Unicorn, which acts as High Command for both Wolf and Eagle, and has a semi omnipresence within the city, mostly working outside Raccoon's boarders in an undisclosed location, with only one or two of Unicorn's members working in the field. She is one of said field operatives, working with CATFISH, DINGO and FOX who have been in the city for the past few days, uncovering what they can about Dr. Ferral’s lab. Unfortunately, a USS detachment was sent in to secure a virus from a rogue scientist, which has put Ferral into paranoia and has heavily altered lain out plans. Also, the refined T-Virus and G now runs amok in the city, and leaves those of Unicorn team who were in the field left to the horrors quickly growing in Raccoon.

Cho is a young genius, a brilliant software developer and hacker, she’s been vital for Unicorn Unit’s information gathering and state of the art software. Only somewhat toned from her mandatory training, she is by far, one of the weaker members in the entire outfit.



-Advanced Hacking: If a lock is computer based, she can hack the numerical code with her hacking tool to get through. She’s also skilled at retrieving hidden files and drives, and hacking into computer mainframes.
-Advanced Electrical: She can, if time and tools provided, fix electrical based equipment on the fly and in a relatively ‘short’ amount of time.
-Advanced Chemistry: She has the knowledge of chemicals, what to combine and what to stay away from. She is also somewhat knowledgeable of the T-Virus and G-Virus strains from hacking into Umbrella’s labs and mulling over the data.
-Marksmanship: SALAMANDER is familiar with firearms, and has decent marksmanship and accuracy.
-Special Forces Weapons Handling: SALAMANDER has military weapons training and handling, able to use various military weapons with intimate knowledge on how they act and work according to the situation and handles recoil a little more than an average citizen could. However, she is not to the standard as most of her team is, only averaging a ‘C’ rank among her more superior allies.
-Generalized Anti-BOW training: Though trained militarily, she has loose knowledge of the Corporation’s Bio Organic Weapons, but like many in their ranks, SALAMANDER has never faced off against a true B.O.W. till the outbreak.

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