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The Apple Inn Empty The Apple Inn

Post by Random NPCs on Mon May 06, 2019 8:41 pm

Located on Park Street, and not too far from Jack's Bar is a hotel known as the Apple Inn. The business a few months ago changed hands to a new owner, who installed strange paintings of landscapes as part of an esoteric puzzle, much to the chagrin of its usual residents.

(Outbreak notes:
September 24th, soon into the outbreak, the hotel became a refuge for survivors and its remaining guests- partly owing to its new security system. Unfortunately, the t-Virus had already infected people inside the hotel, turning the security system into a death trap for refugees who did not have security passes with them. Making things much worse, the boiler that the janitor neglected to repair became a serious fire hazard, either with other rooms set fire to due to the piping or simply the threat of widespread fire being present.)
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