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Post by Christina Rollins on Tue Jan 15, 2019 3:15 pm

A car park for staff and students outside the main school building

(from here)

Ms. Rollins rolled into the parking lot, somewhat surprised by the minimal turnout of her fellow staff. The short, yet uneventful drive with only a handful of vehicles on the drive over wasn't so much an oddity at this early hour, but this was incredibly odd. Did school close and I just didn't get the memo? She asked herself, raising a brow as she adjusted her breasts and applied a fresh coat of lipstick she had forgotten to do at home, using her rear view mirror for assistance. Behind her, the Raccoon forest was in the distance, as was the Raccoon City University. She thought she heard some fireworks in the air, which was odd given the time of year and hour. Perhaps its some new holiday? She chuckled at the thought. She'd figure it out soon enough.

She stepped out of her vehicle, closing the door and locking it behind her as her heels boosting her to 5'10 height clicked upon the tarmac as she headed to the front door of the prestigious private school set up by Umbrella or so she was told when she applied for the job a few years back. Uniformed school catering to the children of Umbrella's employees... tuition was through the roof for such a place, but much of these children and young adults would become Umbrella's Elite in the years to come.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as she made her way to the heavy double doors, trying the handle but found it was locked. "Huh..." she blinked, and fished for her keys within her purse...
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