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Employee Bunk Room A - E Empty Employee Bunk Room A - E

Post by Claire Dawson on Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:34 pm

An underground wing dedicated to housing Umbrella employees. Separated by separate corridors listed as 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D' and 'E'. Each corridor have ten rooms, and make up the east side of the first basement area.  

September 24th, 1998... 8:05 AM

Claire wakes up to an alarm. Her alarm. Her voluptuous body rolls on the rather comfy bed in Room A-1, remembering the room not just because it was the first room in A Block, but it reminded her of the steak sauce brand. She chuckled, shaking her head side to side as she hit the alarm and slowly peels from the bed. She's wearing the silk slip she had brought with her yesterday morning, knowing she was going to be working well after her train's departure to Chicago, there would be little time between sleeping and then having to go to work if she had left on the midnight train. "Awww..." She yawned, covering her mouth, tying her long hair back with her gem hair clip, to keep it out of her eyes. She presses her bare feet against the marble tile, and shivers, before slipping them into her slippers. She was alone on A Block, she and only a handful of employees stayed behind last night, even her boss one of the Umbrella Reps had taken flight when he could the night before. He seemed somewhat nervous... and pale. She hoped he wasn't sick.

She stares at herself in the mirror and smiled at her beauty:

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"E'llo beautiful~" She hummed, smiling as she looked like crap with bed hair and all. Her breasts bobbled as she made her way to the bathroom, turning the facet for the hot water. She brushed her teeth as she waited for the temperature to rise, pretty much going about her business as she would have any other day. She had slept in the Employee Bunks before, they weren't so bad, and were better than nothing, and after all that time filing papers and sending corporate emails last night to several of the European Branches, she was pretty tired; a flat rock could have been a decent mattress. However, she was rather refreshed today, and she didn't have to head to the front desk till about 9:00 AM or so. She took her time to look pretty, as the first person you would see in the Main Lobby at these hours were Xu, Kayla and herself; three rather pretty receptionists ready to great visitors to Umbrella's Raccoon City Branch Office and R&D Centre.

She took off her silk slip and her underwear, followed by her hair clip, letting her long hair fall down to her lower back. Some said it looked hard to manage, and it was, but she was used to it and loved its length. She stood naked before the shower and pulled the curtain aside before entering the steamy clouds. She huddled herself together, getting over the initial shock of hot water rushing across her lovely, voluptuous form:

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Soon however, she adjusted, and invited the hot stream of jets cascading down her silky, creamy body. She almost became a model, and had done a few ads for Umbrella's numerous products, but wanted to keep a stable job so she was hired for secretarial work, but for some of the big shots in Umbrella's R&D wing. She moved to Chicago about three years ago, and since then has been making the trek, or staying in many of these employee bunk rooms, between Chicago and Raccoon City since. She lathered her modelesque body with a bar of soap, and after rinsing off shampooed and conditioned her long hair. Her hair clung to her body, the water and suds running down her toned belly and between her voluminous breasts and rounded buttocks. Once finished, she stepped out grabbing a towel to drape around her curvy upper body, she took a seat and began to blow dry her hair.

Once finished drying, she walked back to the other room, slipping on her strapless bra and panties, followed by her dark sheer hose. She slipped on a pencil skirt, zipping up the side before slipping on a comfy yellow sleeveless blouse with a low neck line, to show off her jiggly yet compact thanks to her bra, DD's. She jiggled her proud bosom into place before she slipped on a satin lavender coloured shirt. She then began to style her bangs and long hair, putting the excess hair into a high ponytail fastened in place by her hairclip. She applied her make up, her glossy lipstick last, puckering up to the mirror in front of her before smiling. "Drop dead gorgeous as always~" She mused. She then grabbed her Umbrella Company Pin, a safety pin style item that had the Umbrella Logo and another that simply said 'Umbrella' which she would pin beneath the iconic red and white octagon.

Finished, she slips on her heels, fastening them before grabbing her purse and mobile phone off the table, throwing it into her purse without looking at it as she exited the room and locked behind her as she left.

(to Main Lobby!)
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