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Victory Lake Empty Victory Lake

Post by Tiamat on Fri Nov 30, 2018 1:35 am

A large lake that is located in Victory Park. Across the wide lake is a Waste Disposal Building, and the edge of the Arklay Forest.


Under the depths of the Lake, a large creature is forced out a very large pipe- a pipe that lead back to Ferral's laboratory. The large, scaly creature known as 'Tiamat' was still half asleep from its medical feed, her large form flushing from the pipe sank to the bottom of the deep, muddy lake bed. Silt raised around her immense size as she lay near motionless at the bottom for a time. Her glowing reptile red gaze occasionally appearing between blinks as function slowly returned to the mutant, experimental creature. Hunger... food... hunger... Words that were human entered her brain, a voice ancient yet familiar all at once, having forgotten what her human voice had sounded like, and even now the monster had difficulty recalling its familiar tone. Need. Eat. Need. Food. Hunger... It repeated, beckoning the creature to rise from the depths with her flipper like claws, her tail smacking the bottom raising more silt as the creature swam like a gator through the mirk and darkness of Victory Lake's depths...

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Victory Lake Empty Re: Victory Lake

Post by F-102 on Wed Apr 24, 2019 1:32 am

A pair of golden eyes gleam above the muddy shallows of the Lake. The lumbering Salamander pulls itself onto the shore, while the mist and fog rolled in. The air was peaceful, quiet... save the distant echos of gunfire. The beast had now idea what the sounds were, but drawn to them, began to venture from the water's edge to explore its new environment...


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