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Post by Samantha Kamura on Mon Jan 07, 2019 5:02 pm

Mutant Bear wrote:The car pressed against the bear's body, the loud rumbling engine growing loud, tires squealing loudly as it pressed against the bear...Finally, it began to tear through, blood splattering over the windshield and splattering onto both Sam and Khristian as it tore through the bear's stomach beginning to cause steamy wet organs to squish and be pulled out....The bear let out a terrifying roar, when suddenly Khristian unloaded into the bear once more, splattering what was left of his skull while taking out the bear's leg, causing the bear to topple off the jeep and fall to the ground as the last of his brain matter oozed out...It meant both of them were now free from the bear...But now their car was covered in blood, organs, and mess....

The car sped off, still going at the speed that it had when it bore through the bear! Blood, guts, organs covered the windshield, which made it hard for Sam to see! "Ah shit, I can't see a thing!!" She screamed, the car bouncing and jumping on the uneven terrain! She saw forest pass her by on her left, and Khristian's right! "Oh god, hold on!!" She screamed.

(To Fox Street Crash Scene!)
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